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You can rise again!

This morning, in our family devotions we studied on the scripture, “I am doing a great work so that I can not come down.” Nehemiah 6:3. Our goal is to stay focused; to keep to the great work of following the Lord and not come down to the enemy’s schemes. But sometimes we fall. We were talking with our children how although we pray and work and desire not to fall, sometimes, we as Christians fall. “For a  righteous man falleth seven times and riseth up again.” Proverb 24:16. The question this morning was, “what do we do when we fall?” What do you do when you fall; when you come down to the traps of the enemy; to depression, anger, self pity, discouragement, disobedience, evil speaking etc.? We all find ourselves ‘down’ sometimes. Are we to stay there? Scripture tells us that we are to rise again. Another question was asked again, ‘how do I get up once I have fallen?” How do I get my joy back? How do I get over depression? How about bitterness? Wounds?

Pitana shared what David did. When David and his men found their wives and children taken, “they wept until they had no more power to weep.” 1 Samuel 30:4. So we learned that first, you become real. No pretense or hypocrisy! It’s okay to weep. It’s okay to say, “I am hurt”; even the strong man of war, David, did. Secondary, we cry out to God. With all our emotions, we let our cries ascend to Him. God will hear and answer our cry if we are real with Him.

Sometimes, we all go through hard times. Just because we are missionaries does not exempt us. The battles can be very hot but God remains faithful. Perhaps, you are engaged in some kind of warfare. Let’s encourage you not to give up. Keep crying out to God; fast; find a brother or sister to share the burden with. JUST DON’T GIVE UP. HOLD ON TO JESUS AND HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH.

We are thankful for those of you who continually pray for us. You may never know how much your prayers mean to us.

Pitana and Nadia

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