And the evening and the morning!

IMG_6840Hello friends,

“And the evening and the morning were the first day”(Genesis 1:5). It looks like God does things upside down from the way we do it. We learn here quickly that He created all things between evening and the morning (6pm to 6am). Isn’t it interesting that it doesn’t say” and the morning and the evening was the first day”. I want to continue my encouragement about having an all night meeting with God.  We read of Jesus that before He came walking on the water, he had been praying most of the night(Matthew 14:23-25). In another passage it says that He rose up way before dawn and went away to pray(Mark 1:35). We see God delivering the children of Israel out of Egypt at Midnight (Exodus 12:29-31). Paul and Silas seemed to learn this lesson. In prison, the bible says that they prayed and sang praises to God at Midnight and the result was that not only them but also all the prisoners were delivered. Also in the same night, the jailer and his household got saved and baptized (Acts 16:25-33). That is icing on the cake isn’t it. We see also Herod intending to kill Peter, the leader of the church, but the bible says that the church prayed for Peter without ceasing and during the night while he slept the angel of the Lord came and delivered him(Acts 12:1-18). Would it be possible that maybe you are facing a situation that looks hopeless, may i encourage you to go against the grain, to do what not many are willing to do. It looks like in scripture there are too many examples to list where many decided to do something a little different, and the results are very encouraging. Personally, i would like to say that as in the natural there is little or no traffic at night, in the same way, it seems to me also that much gets accomplished spiritually in the night hours. Father give us the grace to sacrifice our sleep if needed to see a breakthrough for ourselves, marriages, children and the world. In Jesus name i pray and believe. Amen.

The Lord bless you.


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3 thoughts on “And the evening and the morning!”

  1. I, too, like this idea; it is SO quiet during the night hours. Thank-you for sharing these scriptures and verses from the Bible which encourage us. Surely God will provide breakthroughs for those who will take the “night” challenge. I like to imagine the effects of such a mission —— the “nightwatch”; bondages broken, oppression leaving; souls set free from enemy captivity. Think of it!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I have considered doing this but am often so tired as it is. But I agree that, like fasting, it is a sign of complete devotion and desire to forego natural needs for the sake of pursuing Jesus and seeking Him with our whole hearts. You encourage me to actually do it and trusting God with the results/consequences.

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