All night!

Hello friends,

In scripture, we are exhorted to encourage one another daily seeing the day is approaching. I hope to give you my share of encouragement today. It comes from Luke 6:12 which says: “And it came to pass in those days that He (Jesus) went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God“.  As you continue to read verse 13 and on, it is amazing to see the things that Jesus accomplished after He prayed all night. In the morning the bible says that He chose the 12 apostles (who went on to change the world with the gospel), then after we read that when He came down to the multitude in verse 19 that there was virtue that went out of Him and healed them all. It looks like when we give to God our ALL withholding nothing He will give us something that impacts ALL. And then to top it up, He gave the sermon to his disciples that  we call the beatitudes  which is believed to be one of the most widely quoted piece of scripture. May I encourage you today to give more time to God, how about set aside a Friday Night from 11pm to 5am and get out the best of your worship music, your bible, a notebook where you write down all the prayers you would like to talk to God about( yourself, your spouse(if married), children by name, your friends, brothers and sisters, your fears and anxieties) The night is a good time because there is little or no distractions and you have enough time to listen to what God has for you or your family if you have one. Now you say, wait a minute i will fall asleep. You are authorized to drink coffee, have a snack, take a break and stretch. I am looking forward to hear the testimonies that come out of your own all night time with God.

The Lord bless you.


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3 thoughts on “All night!”

  1. This is good! It is good to have the night for communing with God. Then He
    gives everything you need………you will not be tired, except in the way of Jesus.

  2. Thank you for this encouragement! The Lord has been showing Me over and over that Jesus went to the Father in prayer daily (like you noted) for the day’s instructions…

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