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Our nanny’s testimony

Hello everyone! I’m Sarah the Mutanas nanny and I would love share a bit about my time with them over the last six months (As I write this I’m home for a visit with my family over the Christmas holiday.) When Mama Jeremiah(this is the name I call her) contacted me in June to ask if I would consider being their nanny I wasn’t sure what to say. Of course the first thing I did was to pray and it wasn’t long before God gave me the answer and the peace to say, “Yes!”  I totally knew the answer was from God because what else would cause me to travel across the country(I’m from Georgia)to serve a family I had only spent a week with. I met the Mutanas while volunteering for Above Rubies last year. Never mind that the job is volunteer and that I had just enough money to buy a one way plan ticket to Seattle and a passport  to get into Canada! However, I can honestly say that this has been such an exciting and spiritually growing time for me. Not only did God generously provide for me before I left to join the Mutanas in Washington; He did so throughout my time with them. God placed on other’s heart to give and bless me, some of those people I had only met once!
God has not only shown His love for me through providing my needs but He has, like He says in His Word, given me the desires of my heart. Psalms 37:4 Since I was little I’ve wanted to fly on a plane, see the Pacific ocean, travel outside of the U.S., see the sunset on the West coast, and travel to all 50 states. Well God has already checked off the first four on that list and He made sure to check off as many states as He could on the road trip. From the green, pine covered mountains of Washington to the vivid red mountains in Utah I have been blessed to see the beautiful and diverse landscape that God has created here in the U.S. From sledding down the giant dunes of White Sands, New Mexico to a riverboat tour of San Antonio, Texas, I have been blessed to experience unforgettable things. All that being said that is just icing on the cake or as I like to say, “the cherry on top blessings” to the even bigger blessing of my faith being stretched and increased. Sometimes that faith building and stretching has come through attending an all night pray meeting or fasting for the first time. Sometimes it has come through sharing a two bedroom/one bathroom home with seven other people or a few sleepless nights due to the very close neighbor’s loud conversations…no joke! Yes sometimes it was stressful and overwhelming to be a nanny to four children(five counting my occasional job of rocking the baby to sleep.) Sometimes it was hard not knowing what one day from the next would hold. Living with a missionary family that totally relies on God for direction from day to day can be very interesting! Through it all though, Jesus has proved Himself according to His Word that He, “would never leave me, nor forsake me.” Hebrews 13:5
I should also mention that this is the first time I have been a nanny and that I am also the youngest of four children. Being around children, as much as I have been these past six months, is actually a first for me. That, in itself, is another blessing of God. One of my desires is to, one day, be a wife and mother and through this I have learned so much about caring for children. I refer to my time with the Mutanas as my “crash course in mommy training”.  I’ve been blessed to have a “little taste” of what my future might look like. Home schooling the children, cooking for a large family, and so many other tasks that I have done since serving the Mutanas have been new and challenging experiences for me!
To sum up this testimony I just want to say that God is good, so incredibly good! He has given me so much joy, peace, and yes patience through my time with the Mutanas! He has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined! And yes, He has given me a desire to continue serving the Mutanas, through the ups and downs, through the many travels(which I’m pretty sure are ahead), and through all of the fun adventures that are to come!
Blessings in Christ,

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