Ministry Updates

Boerne, TX- road trip 2014


From Alpine, Texas, we drove to Boerne, TX. We met and were hosted by a wonderful family. Boerne is 45 minutes drive to San Antonio, so we spent a full day exploring the beautiful city of San Antonio. Our hosts were so kind to show us around for the whole day! God bless them. We visited the famous Alamo and got educated on American history. We had a picnic lunch right outside the Alamo- literary in the middle of the city. We then went to the famous river walk and enjoyed a spectacular boat ride! This is one of our favorite thing we have done on this trip! We finished it off with a walk around the city. What a good time we had. Our children still talk about it!


On the Sunday, we joined our friends in worship at their church. In the middle of worship, Pitana felt somebody tapping him and when he turned around, he was asked to share whatever the Holy Spirit put on his heart. Since this was not previously planned, he was given 5 minutes after the preacher preached. Here is a video of his exhortation:

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