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Alpine, Texas- road trip 2014


From Las Cruses, NM, we drove to Alpine, Texas. We stayed with a precious family who opened their home to us and told us to stay as long as the Lord will have us there. What a good God we serve! We were well treated and loved on. The following day after we arrived, we were invited to participate in the town’s art walk parade. We joined the homeschooling group; our children worked on their paintings and then marched in the parade displaying their art! Fun times!

20141122_120729We visited a friend’s ice cream shop and enjoyed homemade waffle ice cream;


took a tour of downtown Alpine; saw and talked to cow boys/girls; visited Big Bend Museum; played chess and a few other games; built with legos; spent time at the park- running, climbing and building in sand. And yet found time to pull out our books and work on math and other schooling subjects.

One of our daughters also got sick and was throwing up so we decided to stay put for four more days until she was well. Our hosts happened to have a christian doctor living next door. He came over at 9:30pm to take a look at her. He gave us instructions and assured us that she would be well in a few days- she just needed to let the virus run its course; meanwhile, we had to keep her hydrated etc. He did it all for free. Praise God!

On Sunday, we joined our hosts at their church. We were invited to share at their bible study. We were also invited to the thanksgiving dinner the church was putting on. Of which leftovers we ate in the car! We were much loved on.

We took the day we were supposed to have left and spent it in prayer and fasting. The Lord laid our hosts on our hearts and showed us areas He wanted us to talk to them about. Well, that evening, we sat down with them and shared what we felt the Lord telling us- it so happened to be that this is an issue that they had struggled with for 15 years! Well praise God who knows everything. We counselled them as the Holy Spirit instructed and spent time praying together. What a wonderful work we watched the Lord do in their lives as they simply followed God’s instructions. We have an amazing God. He cared so much to delay our departure so that he could do a good work in our dear friends. We spent a lot of time encouraging each other.

Almost each day, our hostess saw God have people bring food or God give her more money as she shared what they had with us. She was overwhelmed as we watched the scripture come alive, ‘give and it shall be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom.’ The scripture can not be broken. A friend of hers offered to bring dinner. Another friend sent her home with bags full of groceries. A lady that cleans her house came and cleaned as she went to pay her as usual, the lady refused! Isn’t God’s word true!

Be encouraged. Seek to be a blessing to someone. Listen for God’s voice and obey it, even when it doesn’t make sense to you, and then watch and see what God does.

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