Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014- New Mexico


From Nevada we drove to Arizona where we enjoyed doing a school field to the Arizona Capitol Museum.


DSCN0141 Following, we headed to Las Cruses, New Mexico. We met yet another family we didn’t know. What privileges we have in Christ Jesus. As He sends us out, we are received in His name. Upon arriving that evening, our hosts had to go out to a concert so they left us alone in their home. They had prepared dinner and said to help ourselves to anything we wanted. Can you believe the goodness of God? We were happy to have dinner as a family by ourselves once again. We spent that late night listening and encouraging these precious brothers and sisters as the Holy Spirit led us. There are many good christians out there. Doing their best to walk with Jesus, but the journey is hard at times and they get discouraged. We are blessed to come across many like these and sit with them over tea and encourage them to keep on. Some are jut about to quit and see no hope, but God calls us to them and slowly, hope is regained and the brethren are built up. We understand this as we ourselves have weary moments. But praise God, for the women and men that speak into our lives and encourage us and pray us through.


My sister, my brother, we can make it. Soon, the trumpet shall sound. So let us work while it is still day. Let us lay up treasures where it will count for eternity. Don’t give up. He who has promised is faithful and He will do it.


We decided to take our homeschooling classroom out for some fun. We spent the day at White Sand National Monument. First, we visited the museum and got some learning in. Then we took sleds and went sliding down the beautiful White Sands. What an amazing Creator we serve! He created it all for our enjoyment. And enjoying, we did. Then, time to clean the sand out of the van. Thankful, the sand here is not like that at the beach. It is first of all cold! And it was not as hard to clean out.


We returned in time for dinner. Our hosts, had invited their extended family over. While eating our hostess pulled out the latest magazine of Above Rubies and opened it to our article in the magazines. See The women at the table exclaimed, ‘we just read that article!’ It is a privilege to be able to minister to many now through this magazine. Above Rubies magazine reaches to over 100,000 readers. And we have been receiving e-mails from various cities and countries of those who are ministered to as they read our article. May God receive all the glory in Jesus’ name.


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