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Road trip 2014 – Las Vegas


From Utah, we drove to Las Vegas, Nevada. Again we stayed with a family who minister through What a wonderful family they are! The man of the home works in all of the major Las Vegas hotels doing clean family shows. They are a family of 12. 2 biological children and 8 adopted children! Our hostess says that they are “stationary missionaries.” With them living in Las Vegas, they said that there are many children who need a home, so she welcomes them from different backgrounds. It was a joy for us to meet them all. We were well treated with our own guest house in which we took a much needed rest. It was amazing to be in the Sin City yet be with godly people. I asked our hostess how she had managed to raise godly men (her older sons are 24 amd 1 7 yrs) in such a place. She said that it has been the Lord’s doing and then shared some tips with me. Upon leaving they sent us out with much food, she wanted to make sure that we had all the food we needed for the rest of our trip! May God bless them.


We then went to Henderson, Nevada, a 20 minutes drive from Las Vegas. Here we stayed with friends. We visited them last year’s road trip.  We attended their church, “Encounter” again. We were blessed to see our brothers and sisters again and we encouraged one another. After church, our hosts had invited friends over for their small group. They invited us to share asking us what it is we do. We let them know that we simply follow the Lord as family. We believe in sharing the gospel with our children while they are still young and then daily discipling them in Word and prayer and encouraging them to function in their specific giftings as the Holy Spirit leads them. Pitana let them know that our ministry is not a one man show, instead all of our family members minister and thus we are able to reach more people. We explained that by the help of the Holy Spirit, we teach, preach, council and build up the body of Christ wherever He sends us. Pitana then went on to teach on prayer explaining how ‘prayer is the greatest mystery of the kingdom.’ After that, I shared the gospel with all the children and invited them to receive Jesus. Five of them raised their hands and prayed with us. Glory be to God! One of those chidren’s family are non believers but he has been much drawn to our friends so he spends much of his time at their home. Well that afternoon, tears fell down his cheeks as I told them of the good news of Jesus Christ. Isn’t God good? Praise the Lord, His hand is not to short to save even in Las Vegas.


I hope you have not given up on your loved ones or your situation. God is well able. Press in today; and pray again and don’t faint.

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  1. How encouraging is your ministry! Thank you for sharing your travels. Bill, Nancy and Jocelyn

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