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Alpine, Texas- road trip 2014


From Las Cruses, NM, we drove to Alpine, Texas. We stayed with a precious family who opened their home to us and told us to stay as long as the Lord will have us there. What a good God we serve! We were well treated and loved on. The following day after we arrived, we were invited to participate in the town’s art walk parade. We joined the homeschooling group; our children worked on their paintings and then marched in the parade displaying their art! Fun times!

20141122_120729We visited a friend’s ice cream shop and enjoyed homemade waffle ice cream;


took a tour of downtown Alpine; saw and talked to cow boys/girls; visited Big Bend Museum; played chess and a few other games; built with legos; spent time at the park- running, climbing and building in sand. And yet found time to pull out our books and work on math and other schooling subjects.

One of our daughters also got sick and was throwing up so we decided to stay put for four more days until she was well. Our hosts happened to have a christian doctor living next door. He came over at 9:30pm to take a look at her. He gave us instructions and assured us that she would be well in a few days- she just needed to let the virus run its course; meanwhile, we had to keep her hydrated etc. He did it all for free. Praise God!

On Sunday, we joined our hosts at their church. We were invited to share at their bible study. We were also invited to the thanksgiving dinner the church was putting on. Of which leftovers we ate in the car! We were much loved on.

We took the day we were supposed to have left and spent it in prayer and fasting. The Lord laid our hosts on our hearts and showed us areas He wanted us to talk to them about. Well, that evening, we sat down with them and shared what we felt the Lord telling us- it so happened to be that this is an issue that they had struggled with for 15 years! Well praise God who knows everything. We counselled them as the Holy Spirit instructed and spent time praying together. What a wonderful work we watched the Lord do in their lives as they simply followed God’s instructions. We have an amazing God. He cared so much to delay our departure so that he could do a good work in our dear friends. We spent a lot of time encouraging each other.

Almost each day, our hostess saw God have people bring food or God give her more money as she shared what they had with us. She was overwhelmed as we watched the scripture come alive, ‘give and it shall be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom.’ The scripture can not be broken. A friend of hers offered to bring dinner. Another friend sent her home with bags full of groceries. A lady that cleans her house came and cleaned as she went to pay her as usual, the lady refused! Isn’t God’s word true!

Be encouraged. Seek to be a blessing to someone. Listen for God’s voice and obey it, even when it doesn’t make sense to you, and then watch and see what God does.

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Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014- New Mexico


From Nevada we drove to Arizona where we enjoyed doing a school field to the Arizona Capitol Museum.


DSCN0141 Following, we headed to Las Cruses, New Mexico. We met yet another family we didn’t know. What privileges we have in Christ Jesus. As He sends us out, we are received in His name. Upon arriving that evening, our hosts had to go out to a concert so they left us alone in their home. They had prepared dinner and said to help ourselves to anything we wanted. Can you believe the goodness of God? We were happy to have dinner as a family by ourselves once again. We spent that late night listening and encouraging these precious brothers and sisters as the Holy Spirit led us. There are many good christians out there. Doing their best to walk with Jesus, but the journey is hard at times and they get discouraged. We are blessed to come across many like these and sit with them over tea and encourage them to keep on. Some are jut about to quit and see no hope, but God calls us to them and slowly, hope is regained and the brethren are built up. We understand this as we ourselves have weary moments. But praise God, for the women and men that speak into our lives and encourage us and pray us through.


My sister, my brother, we can make it. Soon, the trumpet shall sound. So let us work while it is still day. Let us lay up treasures where it will count for eternity. Don’t give up. He who has promised is faithful and He will do it.


We decided to take our homeschooling classroom out for some fun. We spent the day at White Sand National Monument. First, we visited the museum and got some learning in. Then we took sleds and went sliding down the beautiful White Sands. What an amazing Creator we serve! He created it all for our enjoyment. And enjoying, we did. Then, time to clean the sand out of the van. Thankful, the sand here is not like that at the beach. It is first of all cold! And it was not as hard to clean out.


We returned in time for dinner. Our hosts, had invited their extended family over. While eating our hostess pulled out the latest magazine of Above Rubies and opened it to our article in the magazines. See The women at the table exclaimed, ‘we just read that article!’ It is a privilege to be able to minister to many now through this magazine. Above Rubies magazine reaches to over 100,000 readers. And we have been receiving e-mails from various cities and countries of those who are ministered to as they read our article. May God receive all the glory in Jesus’ name.


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Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014 – Las Vegas


From Utah, we drove to Las Vegas, Nevada. Again we stayed with a family who minister through What a wonderful family they are! The man of the home works in all of the major Las Vegas hotels doing clean family shows. They are a family of 12. 2 biological children and 8 adopted children! Our hostess says that they are “stationary missionaries.” With them living in Las Vegas, they said that there are many children who need a home, so she welcomes them from different backgrounds. It was a joy for us to meet them all. We were well treated with our own guest house in which we took a much needed rest. It was amazing to be in the Sin City yet be with godly people. I asked our hostess how she had managed to raise godly men (her older sons are 24 amd 1 7 yrs) in such a place. She said that it has been the Lord’s doing and then shared some tips with me. Upon leaving they sent us out with much food, she wanted to make sure that we had all the food we needed for the rest of our trip! May God bless them.


We then went to Henderson, Nevada, a 20 minutes drive from Las Vegas. Here we stayed with friends. We visited them last year’s road trip.  We attended their church, “Encounter” again. We were blessed to see our brothers and sisters again and we encouraged one another. After church, our hosts had invited friends over for their small group. They invited us to share asking us what it is we do. We let them know that we simply follow the Lord as family. We believe in sharing the gospel with our children while they are still young and then daily discipling them in Word and prayer and encouraging them to function in their specific giftings as the Holy Spirit leads them. Pitana let them know that our ministry is not a one man show, instead all of our family members minister and thus we are able to reach more people. We explained that by the help of the Holy Spirit, we teach, preach, council and build up the body of Christ wherever He sends us. Pitana then went on to teach on prayer explaining how ‘prayer is the greatest mystery of the kingdom.’ After that, I shared the gospel with all the children and invited them to receive Jesus. Five of them raised their hands and prayed with us. Glory be to God! One of those chidren’s family are non believers but he has been much drawn to our friends so he spends much of his time at their home. Well that afternoon, tears fell down his cheeks as I told them of the good news of Jesus Christ. Isn’t God good? Praise the Lord, His hand is not to short to save even in Las Vegas.


I hope you have not given up on your loved ones or your situation. God is well able. Press in today; and pray again and don’t faint.

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Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014- Utah


After Idaho, we drove to Clearfield, utah- the Mormon country as the locals refered to it. Here Mormon tabernacles are seen every where. There are a few Christians in this region. We stayed with a family we met through This ministry has been such a blessing to us. It is a group of believers who open their homes to traveling Christians and host them for free; providing meals and a much needed resting place. With this ministry, we have not needed to use hotels, but have been incredibly blessed with new relationships everywhere we have been hosted. Not only have we been blessed, the Lord has had us minister in these homes and He has confirmed His Word with signs following!


We encourage you if you don’t already do so to go back to practicing the biblical principal of hospitality. ” Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:.2. What a wonderful ministry!

We know that “the steps of the righteous are ordered by God.” The first home we stayed at through a candle in the window network, the hosts said, “we have prayed for someone to come and explain to us this truth we couldn’t understand.” God so totally ordered our steps there and answered those folks’ prayers. We will share more testimonies of what God has done in connecting us with brothers and sisters we have met through the hospitality ministry.

Look into it. It might be a blessing to your family the next time you travel.

Our time in Utah comprised of Pitana ministering the Word to the family we stayed with and encouraging them; play time; school time in the library; resting and visiting Hill Aerospace Museum.


We appreciate all of you who keep us in your prayers. Great is your reward in Heaven.

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