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Road trip US 2014- Idaho


After 5 days in Washington, we drove to Boise, Idaho. We were blessed to visit Well Springs church; the church we ministered in, in May and witnessed God save souls. The church has since gone through so much change and they are hungry for God. They are embarking on the study of the Holy Spirit; a topic not usually spoken of in their midst. A dear sister said to me that Sunday, “what your family did here last time you were here, has caused us and those here in church to hunger for more of God.” Well, to God be the glory! It is always rewarding for us to see what God can do when we simply obey even without understanding the whole picture.

We also attended the church’s prayer meeting held in the home we were hosted in. One of the sisters arrived with a bucket and towel and said that the Lord had told her that they should wash their elder’s (our host) feet and speak blessings and encouragement over him to which we all took turns doing. What we found out was that our host was hit by a bus as young boy and that shattered the bones in his foot to tiny pieces to which the doctor said that it could not be repaired. So he has endured constant pain in his foot for many years. But that night, we all gathered and laid hands on him and prayed for healing. The next day was Sunday. After church he let us know that the previous Sunday, he had gone to church in his slippers because his foot was causing him much pain. By dinner time, the pain was so much that he crawled to the table. But now, the next Sunday (after those at the prayer meeting had prayed for him) he was able to wear his new shoes and go to church and teach and spend most of the afternoon at church yet he returned without any pain!! Hallelujah!! God is so good. And what sermon he preached- it drove the point home!


We also got much needed rest. We were well taken care of to which we are grateful. Our children had so much fun playing with their friends. We even managed to keep up the schooling!

Our friends from Washington to whom we have been called to minister visited us in Idaho where they themselves had come following the leading of the Holy Spirit; and were now ministering to other families. What a joy to see what God is doing in their lives! We rejoice to see what God has done in bringing us together.

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