Ministry Updates

Sharing our testimonies at the Duggars.

On our road trip in the fall of 2013, we were hosted by the Duggar family of TLC 19 kids and counting. The evening we arrived, we were schedule to share our testimonies with the whole family except Josh and his family who now live in Washington.


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We answered questions and spent the rest of the time in fellowship. On, Sunday we attended church with them, upon which we were asked to minister. As a family, we ministered in songs, shared testimonies and as the Spirit of God moved us, prayed over some families. The Lord’s power was present to set captives free as we prayed over a lady whom the enemy had bound with fear and watched God set her free. We followed up with her weeks later, and she testified that she no longer struggles with that fear! Glory be to God!!

We were blessed to be ministered to by the Duggars as they extended their hospitality to us and allowed us to rest for 4 days. Having been on the road for some days, this was much needed rest. May God bless them for their kindness.