Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014- Washington State

We had an amazing time of worship in Mt. Vernon. What overwhelming presence of God as He revealed more of His love to us!  Pitana preached on 1 Peter 4:7-9 before which we took time to pray and minister to individuals as the Holy Spirit led. The men also gathered around and prayed over Pitana. What a blessing!


Pitana and I were blessed to see some of the lovely friends we had met and ministered to during our last mission trip. What changes the Lord has made in their lives! It brought us to tears as one after another shared how our ministering to them had changed their lives. How encouraging it was for us to hear. Each one of them was now in some kind of ministry serving the Lord in the area they feel called to. Glory be to God! There are more laborers in the field!
We also traveled to Graham, WA. We stayed with friends whom we have ministered to the last 3 years. God had a treat for us as we sat and listened to their testimony of how the Lord had changed their lives. They said, “all the things you used to tell us from God’s Word, we finally get them.” The revelations of God’s word has made such wonderful changes and brought freedom to this whole family of 11! To God be all the glory!
We had a worship service and Pitana preached on James 3:2-6 and we were blessed to meet other brothers and sisters. We then joined the family in ministering in a nursing home, where our children sang worship songs along their friends. We attended their bible study and God used us to minister to their pastors, what divine appointments!
We are so privileged to be able to serve the Lord in this way! Next stop, Boise, Idaho!!