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God is faithful to provide!

It’s 25 days now since we left BC to drive across US. We simply heard God instruct us to do so. We didn’t and still don’t have exact details of what He plans to do. But we have seen His faithfulness as we have obeyed mile after mile. You all know that we are missionaries. We trust God for every provision. Though we are human, we try not to let what our bank account says determine what we do. But by His grace, we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit regardless what financial state we are in at that time.

So, at the beginning of the month, we left BC, having packed up all our belongings into storage. We had less than $600 dollars with us. All 8 of us would need food, a place to sleep, laundry and of course gas. God who was sending us knew that also. Our first stop was in Mt. Vernon, WA where we ministered and never made any mention to anyone about needing money. By the end of our worship service, a few people walked to us telling us how God had told them to give us money. We walked out of that service with close to $400! God is so good!

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We have since traveled and ministered in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and now in Texas. Every where we have been God has provided free and wonderful bedrooms to rest in. He has had various kinds of food prepared for us in abundance. We have had our clothes washed free of charge but above all, we have been warmly welcomed in every state and city with even people we had never met before. All because we have been sent by the King of kings and the One who owns it all. Can I even tell you that God has even provided play mates and toys for our children; wonderful schooling materials and time to homeschool, not to mention beautiful new friendships. We have met and have had fellowship with believers from all kinds of walks:- Baptist; charismatics, CPA, PA, family oriented churches. We have been able to sit with all these and focus on the sacrifice of Jesus, His resurrection; His Word and the need for His Spirit to work in all of us. And everywhere the Lord has built us up and also encouraged those we came across to seek Him and to let His Word become alive in their lives. God can do wonders everywhere if we yield to Him and let Him have His way.

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We are currently in Alpine, Texas. We didn’t know our hosts before we came here. We found out about them through a hospitality ministry. We had communicated to them that we planned to only stay for 2 days and 3 night. They agreed and then wrote us again saying that we were welcome to stay with them for as long as God would have us in Alpine.  Isn’t God good! We came prepared to only stay for those 2 days. But while here, one of our daughters who hadn’t been feeling well threw up a couple of times and had diarrhea. The night before we could leave, we were up late with her crying with stomach pain. We prayed over her and she eventually went to bed and so did we. We realized that her little body would need much rest to recover. You know what? God had prepared our hosts to host us for a longer period. They said to us, “did you not get our e-mail saying that you can stay as long as God would have you here? We talked and agreed  to have you here  for as long as you need.”  Remember we are 8 of us. That is extra meals, utilities; extra expenses for this family of 3 to host us. But God who knows the beginning from the end had gone before us and prepared them even before we ourselves knew it. So, of course, we offered to contribute on food but they would not have it. So today, a friend of theirs offered to bring dinner tomorrow. And just as I write now, our hostess just entered with hands full of food. A friend sent her home with plenty of food. They are being blessed as they bless us. “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

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Our hosts also happen to have a christian doctor, for their next door neighbor. Being Canadians, we have no health coverage in US and when we had inquired previous about seeing a doctor. We had been told that it would cost us over $100 just to be seen never mind any other help we would need. Well, their neighbor, David, came over after work at 9:30 pm and to look at our daughter. He gave us much assurance and instructions as to what to do to help her and she is since doing well. He also looked at our newborn doing a checkup on him and of course answering all our questions. He did all this for FREE! And everyday he has called to inquire on how our daughter is doing. God is so good! How he cares for us! His goodness is truly overwhelming.

Maybe you are also in a situation where you are needing to trust Him. We hope you’ve been reminded that our God’s faithfulness reaches to the heavens.

To God be all the glory!

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Ministry Updates

Road trip US 2014- Idaho


After 5 days in Washington, we drove to Boise, Idaho. We were blessed to visit Well Springs church; the church we ministered in, in May and witnessed God save souls. The church has since gone through so much change and they are hungry for God. They are embarking on the study of the Holy Spirit; a topic not usually spoken of in their midst. A dear sister said to me that Sunday, “what your family did here last time you were here, has caused us and those here in church to hunger for more of God.” Well, to God be the glory! It is always rewarding for us to see what God can do when we simply obey even without understanding the whole picture.

We also attended the church’s prayer meeting held in the home we were hosted in. One of the sisters arrived with a bucket and towel and said that the Lord had told her that they should wash their elder’s (our host) feet and speak blessings and encouragement over him to which we all took turns doing. What we found out was that our host was hit by a bus as young boy and that shattered the bones in his foot to tiny pieces to which the doctor said that it could not be repaired. So he has endured constant pain in his foot for many years. But that night, we all gathered and laid hands on him and prayed for healing. The next day was Sunday. After church he let us know that the previous Sunday, he had gone to church in his slippers because his foot was causing him much pain. By dinner time, the pain was so much that he crawled to the table. But now, the next Sunday (after those at the prayer meeting had prayed for him) he was able to wear his new shoes and go to church and teach and spend most of the afternoon at church yet he returned without any pain!! Hallelujah!! God is so good. And what sermon he preached- it drove the point home!


We also got much needed rest. We were well taken care of to which we are grateful. Our children had so much fun playing with their friends. We even managed to keep up the schooling!

Our friends from Washington to whom we have been called to minister visited us in Idaho where they themselves had come following the leading of the Holy Spirit; and were now ministering to other families. What a joy to see what God is doing in their lives! We rejoice to see what God has done in bringing us together.

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Healed of low iron!

During our 5th pregnancy, I had very low iron levels. I was very weak and spent most of my day lying down on the couch. The midwives told me to try different supplements which I did only to find out that my body could not take them. They caused me much abdominal pains which resulted in me being hospitalized. We prayed and cried out to God. During one of our family worship time, one of our children saw a vision in which he saw new blood being poured in me. Well, that was it, I did not feel as weak as I had been feeling before. In fact, when I got tested again, it was reported that my iron levels were rising. Praise be to God! I never took another supplement or struggled with low iron again during the pregnancy. God is good!!

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Ministry Updates

Sharing at the Campbell’s

One of the places we stopped by on our fall trip of 2013, was at the Colin and Nancy Campbell’s house. We were warmly welcomed by this family that we have learned much from. We shared testimonies with their children and grandchildren. We were also invited to minister in their church. Pitana preached on ecclesiastes 7:4. “The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning,” encouraging us to press in prayers. We then spent time praying with every family present. What a blessed time we had! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

After a week of ministering, rest and wonderful fellowship, we continued our road trip.

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Ministry Updates

Sharing our testimonies at the Duggars.

On our road trip in the fall of 2013, we were hosted by the Duggar family of TLC 19 kids and counting. The evening we arrived, we were schedule to share our testimonies with the whole family except Josh and his family who now live in Washington.


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We answered questions and spent the rest of the time in fellowship. On, Sunday we attended church with them, upon which we were asked to minister. As a family, we ministered in songs, shared testimonies and as the Spirit of God moved us, prayed over some families. The Lord’s power was present to set captives free as we prayed over a lady whom the enemy had bound with fear and watched God set her free. We followed up with her weeks later, and she testified that she no longer struggles with that fear! Glory be to God!!

We were blessed to be ministered to by the Duggars as they extended their hospitality to us and allowed us to rest for 4 days. Having been on the road for some days, this was much needed rest. May God bless them for their kindness.


Ministry Updates

Road trip 2014- Washington State

We had an amazing time of worship in Mt. Vernon. What overwhelming presence of God as He revealed more of His love to us!  Pitana preached on 1 Peter 4:7-9 before which we took time to pray and minister to individuals as the Holy Spirit led. The men also gathered around and prayed over Pitana. What a blessing!


Pitana and I were blessed to see some of the lovely friends we had met and ministered to during our last mission trip. What changes the Lord has made in their lives! It brought us to tears as one after another shared how our ministering to them had changed their lives. How encouraging it was for us to hear. Each one of them was now in some kind of ministry serving the Lord in the area they feel called to. Glory be to God! There are more laborers in the field!
We also traveled to Graham, WA. We stayed with friends whom we have ministered to the last 3 years. God had a treat for us as we sat and listened to their testimony of how the Lord had changed their lives. They said, “all the things you used to tell us from God’s Word, we finally get them.” The revelations of God’s word has made such wonderful changes and brought freedom to this whole family of 11! To God be all the glory!
We had a worship service and Pitana preached on James 3:2-6 and we were blessed to meet other brothers and sisters. We then joined the family in ministering in a nursing home, where our children sang worship songs along their friends. We attended their bible study and God used us to minister to their pastors, what divine appointments!
We are so privileged to be able to serve the Lord in this way! Next stop, Boise, Idaho!!


Ministry Updates

Road trip USA 2014

We are on the road again! Driving across US. We will be driving from BC, Canada to South Carolina. We will stop in Mt. Vernon, WA; Graham, WA; Boise, Idaho; Clearfield, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; Henderson, Nevada; Chandler; Arizona; Les Cruses, New Mexico; Alpine, Texas; Cavington Louisiana; Magnolia, Mississippi; Alabama; Rome, Georgia and then Fort Mills, South Carolina.

We are directed by the Holy Spirit to go and serve as He leads. We have a worship night scheduled in Mt. Vernon, WA and a few other states. For the most part, we go ready to worship, to serve, to minister and be ministered to and to just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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God is always faithful to pay for what He orders so we know we’ll lack no good thing.

We will be driving our GMC Safari, an 8 seater and there is 8 of us! Our missionary nanny is joining us with great anticipation. The van is full to capacity. The challenge to get all we need in or on the van is on! We are having to be creative.

Please keep us in your prayers. May souls be saved. May the church be built up and may God receive all the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.