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Skagit Gospel Impact

gospel impact 2 gospel impact 3 gospel impact 4 gospel impact 5 gospel impact 6 gospel impact 7 gospel impact 8 gospel impact 10 gospel impact 11gospel impact a gospel impact bGod moves in many ways and when we are listening and spending time with him we notice an invitation to join him in something. This summer the Lord had called us to have a 7 day open air Gospel Revival, he called it “The Skagit Gospel Impact”. It was from June 25th to July 2nd 2014. We had no Idea what to make of this and could not lean on our own understanding, God had big plans. When the Lord moves he sometimes starts by giving us a vision… an idea that would please the Lord but will be something that will reach many people, not just one. In order to know what God is about to we have to come with faith, perseverance and obedience. We shared the vision and never lost hope of what God was about to do! For months we prayed and waited on God, knowing He was going to do something remarkable in the Skagit valley and He was going to bring about the people needed to serve and to receive. We knew Washington state has something to do with ”Fruitfulness and multiplication ”and also” influences on the world” Using secular examples we can see this: Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, etc. are all based in Washington State. All these have great influences on the world. The Skagit valley, which is believed to be ” Second richest soil in the world ”, which means if we will sow the right seeds in it (The incorruptible seed of the word of God) we will see fruitfulness and multiplication and influence to the rest of the world for Jesus. According to the parable of the sower, the soil represents the heart of man. It works both ways for the good or the bad. You can do your own research and see if it is good that has been springing up or not but the tables can be overturned and we can see the purposes of God for this state and for the world come to pass. We prayed for the Lord “to take away the iniquity of this land in one day” according to Zechariah and also that everything that the Father has not planted to be uprooted in Jesus name, but let the planting of the Lord take root downward and bear fruit upward because we asked this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we prepared we knew one thing to be true, God asked us to join him, and our Yes would allow God to work out his plan. Months of preparation were ahead of us and God took care of ever last detail. It is amazing to see God work, I shall not want because when God is in it, He provides. He prepared teams of people to be ready. Ready to pray, to share the truth of God’s word, testimonies and to love on people. God did many things that we will forever give him our praise and thanksgiving for; and it started by a spark. He ignited our faith to share the gospel and his love with hundreds and hundreds of people… and I truly believe that number is growing as this fire continues to burn in our hearts and as we love and serve Jesus Christ! The Lord united people, not a church or churches, but he brought about the body of Christ, The head, hands, feet, heart, people who love Jesus. It reached many churches and many people all over Skagit County. God was moving, walls were coming down and pride and selfishness were surrendered. The Lord brought a team of 75+ who came because they heard the voice of God call them. As we united our faith increased. The Holy Spirit moved in our lives like a rushing river… Just because of an invitation to join God where he was moving. This brought about a new fervent prayer life to many people. It made us hunger for the word of God that was already ALIVE but needed activated in our lives. We gathered to worship in unity, to pray, to live out and share what the Lord was leading us in it was New Life. Just as Jesus promises He is the way the truth and the LIFE! We saw many miraculous things. There were healings, restoration of relationships, Lives surrender to Live for Jesus, Children coming forward being lead to Jesus, many testimonies of faith and sharing of the goodness of God, His blessings of provisions and finances! The Holy Spirit moved and is still moving as our faith is about BELIEVING in a living God and his Living Word. The body of Christ is to be united to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in Freedom… Freedom means we are free to Sing, free to dance free to Pray, free to rejoice, free to Worship, free to live and believe the Word of God, And to know that Jesus’ loves us and the Blood of Jesus Christ covers our sins. He forgives and by our repentance this leads us to be Free from bondage, Free from Pain, Free from Guilt , Free from rejection, Free form Shame, Free from abandonment, Free from addiction, Free from lies, Free from Satan, Free from this world. Free to choose Freedom in Christ Jesus! This Skagit Gospel Impact Revival has ignited a wave of freedom that moves to the ends of this earth and back as we unite hand in hand and heart to heart to BOLDLY and LOVINGLY share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that continues to impact each one of us, our family, our community our County our State, our Country and this World!