Mission nanny provided!

While on one of our mission trips, we learned about missionary nannies. These are women who volunteer as nannies to missionary families. Looking at our situation; doing ministry in our home; travelling a lot; homeschooling; being in a new country with no family or friends to babysit etc., we realized that we could use the help of a mission nanny. The Lord said to us, “why don’t you just ask me?’ So we began to pray. We prayed for a nanny that would fit in our home and ministry for 11 months. We praise God because after those 11 months, he provided just the right young woman to help our family. She has been a blessing to our family and to those whom we minister to. Only God could have worked out all the details he did to connect us and bring her to us all the way from across the country! And she enjoys to travel. Yea! Glory be to God!


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