Given money

We were recently at a church and after the service, we were chatting with a certain couple. We asked how they were doing and they were trying to cover up but we could see that they were going through a hard time. As we pressed them, they began to open up, their lives had just been hit with news that was shaking them. The wife was very down. So we changed our plans and headed to their house straight from church. After more discussions, we prayed but there was no breakthrough. The woman’s head was down, she had no hope. Just about to leave, Pitana received a word from the Lord and shared it and wow! the woman revived right there and then! Praise God for the Holy Spirit, He gives the Word in due season. After Pitana shared what God had just laid on his heart, we prayed asking God to intervene and claiming victory in their lives and then we left, praising God who had showed up at the last minute!

A few weeks later, we met up with them. One of the things they needed was finance. You know what? God led a certain man whom they didn’t know well to give them $10,000 which is the amount they needed. Free and no catch except that he said ‘just thank God’. He himself needed money but God said give it to the couple. Hallelujah!!