Baby sleeps!

Last week, I receive an e-mail from a woman I had never met. The e-mail was sent to the church we work with here (addressed to me) then forwarded to us. The lady had heard about us. She was asking for help. She has a new born (3 months) who has been sleeping for only 20-30 mins. at a time. She was asking if I can have time with her. She needed help. I was asking the Lord, ‘what do I have to offer her,’ but He said that He is the one who had gotten her to contact me and that he would help if I just gave my time. Well, we had them over for brunch, prayed over the child and shared some practical examples and oh, the baby slept for 2 hours until the mother had to wake her up to nurse her as the milk was hurting her! If you are a mother, you can appreciate that God cares about our children’s sleep!