Pitana’s testimony!!


Hello friends,

I have not shared my testimony before but while I was praying I felt impressed to share what the Lord has done for my soul.
My name is Pitana Mutana, born in Rwanda (Africa) in 1980. The last of 6 boys. I was drunk for the first time at the age of 6 at my grand parents house sipping on a traditional beer,  I came from a well educated family. My father was a professor at the University, well sought out conference speaker, all around the world. My mother a teacher in High School. At the age of 8, I was very profane, I used to compete with a homeless boy in the neighborhood about who could curse more. I had composed a song full of profanity. We would sit by the road and curse cars that passed by. (Talk about being demonized!!). I grew up going to a catholic church every Sunday. At the age of 14, a civil war broke out in my country which claimed more than a million people in a matter of 3 months. During this war, my mother was killed. While fleeing the war zone, we traveled by foot for about 2 months, sleeping in the bush and on the mountains ( You, homeless? uh huh). At the same age of 14, i was introduced to adult movies which belonged to a relative that was a monk in the denomination i belonged to. At age of 18, i was a full time drunkard, i drank morning, noon, evening.  By the end of the day,  i would be so drunk, that i would pass out and my friends would have to carry me out. At the age of 19, i obtained a 4 year full scholarship to come to study in North America. One day i found my self sleeping on the street in Detroit Michigan as i had no money for a hotel( Now both homeless in Africa and USA) While in college, i became addicted to adult movies, it became my breakfast, i had to watch them every morning. ( In all this, the Lord had kept me a virgin, i had the fear of God for some reason, so to cope with the feeling of not being a real man, i immersed myself in adult movies to show my friends that i knew what to do.). i also was into much fashion. The latest in Hollywood was on me. I had GOLD hair, cornrows, braids, curly hair and you name it.My car had very loud hip hop music, the seat was pushed back so i can lean backward, (low ride, you know what i mean) All this really to try to fit in and feel the vacuum in my heart. At age 22 i met my wife who was then a brand new believer and a year and a half later we were married. 3 months in the marriage the Lord Jesus saved me, through mostly really the listening of the Word of God. My wife would play the audio bible while we slept, though i was not actively listening, the Word of God was going in,shaking things around, until i started to feel bad for the sins i used to enjoy and  i finally fell on my knees and asked him to forgive me and save me. ( Do it also now if you are not sure if you are saved) I entered what  I call ” Jesus recycle program” he specializes in taking garbage and recycling it and turning it into usable material, as a matter fact into miracles that people can marvel at. He filled me with his Holy Spirit and utterance to speak in other tongues, gave me an insatiable hunger for his Word and i am never the same again. Now i can freely talk about these things because he has set me free. I don’t drink any more, not longer addicted neither have a desire to go back to those things i mentioned above. ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS. HE IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL. Hebrews 13:8 says that : Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever” The only proof that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive, is that he can do all the things he did while on earth, otherwise it is another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit. He has given me  a beautiful wife, 6 children and one on the way, called me to his service. He is still at work in me and that is what I testify. Jesus is  still in business of seeking and saving those who are lost. Sing with me if you know the song:( JESUS SAVES, HE STILL DOES, he will make of you someone new, cleanse the sin that was). I pray that you who is reading will give your life to Jesus this moment, or renew your walk with him if you already believe in his name, in Jesus name i pray and believe. Amen.
Simply from your heart say this prayer: Jesus I confess that I am sinner, please forgive my sins and save me, come into my heart, be my saviour and my Lord, in Jesus name I pray.

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