His inquiry led to his salvation!

This is a testimony of  a friend of ours Pastor Thomas from India, who is based in Oklahoma city. We hope that you will be blessed.

‘I was very strong in the Orthodox church and was studying to become a priest.We had good traditions and I liked them. I wanted to be a very good priest so I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation many times. The Bible was in my head but not in my heart. There were many children and people living in my house so I could not focus on my prayers. So I decided to go and pray in the church yard (cemetery) which was across from my home. My friend who came looking for me at the house was told to find me in the church yard. He brought a friend and we began to be praying together. (My friend when he found me praying waited for me to finish and then he he threw a pack of cigarettes he had and decided to quit smoking. The next day, he brought his alcoholic friend who also decided to stop drinking).’ The priest who would see them come to the church yard went to ask them what they were doing thinking they were up to no good. His friend replied, ‘we are praying.’ ‘That’s not where you pray,’ the priest instructed, ‘you come and pray on the porch of my house.’ So they met there for prayer.
‘I was tutoring some high school and college students so they all joined me in my prayers. One of the priest was invited to give a message in the prayer meeting. The prayer meeting had grown in number. There was a high school teacher who had recently converted from to Pentocostal. So the priest had a talk with this teacher. The priest was talking with great logic and understanding. Wonderful man. But this teacher who became a believer was only answering with plain scripture from the Bible. Suppose you are doing arm wrestling and someone gets defeated. So the scripture when it came, although the other side was great intellect, it was defeated. It was happening many times. So I felt bad for my priest. So I said to my priest, we called them ‘Father.’
Don’t listen to these people. They are crazy. They clap their hands, sing loud so blood will come into their brain. They speak something not logic (praying in tongues). If someone can beat these people with whip of thorns every morning and evening, maybe they come back to normal. The priest left. The prayer meeting went very well. Everybody went home peaceful except me. I had my 2 tutoring classes then I was sitting in a large room all by myself. I normally sat down on my knees and prayed to God all alone. I asked the ‘Lord’, a scripture came into my mind. ‘if you speak something against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven you, but if you speak something against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven you.’ The church I came from taught that when the Word of God comes into your hand, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all seized. So that is what I had in my mind. So I asked the Lord, ‘Lord, is it true that this gift (tongues) still exists. Many people used to call me to speak in conferences. So I need to know. So I asked the Lord about the reality, if it is still existing, I needed it if not then convince me so I can speak loudly about it. I never drank alcohol or did drugs, my neighborhood knew that. I wanted to be a priest and a clean priest. So while I was praying like that, the Holy Spirit convinced me that I am a sinner. I am a real sinner. For the first time, I was so sin conscience. Tears came to my eyes. So many scriptures of sin came to my mind. I had a spiritual diary at that time. How many lies I talk on that day etc… When I was sitting in the presence of God to know the truth, the Lord convinced me that none of these things can please God. ‘All of our righteousness are like filthy rugs.’ So I received Jesus in my heart while kneeling there. So I continued, ‘is speaking in tongues wrong Lord? My denomination teaches that it is not right. It seized. So what is the truth, if it is still existing then give it me.’ Like that I prayed. I There was only a 60W bulb in that room but I felt like a thick layer of white light filled that room. My heart was rejoicing. I got a peace beyond my understanding. A good feeling. I am a bad singer, a bad singer back then even today. But when I was sitting there, I sang a song in tongues. I didn’t know what I was saying but I knew I was praising God. Suddenly I started to sing the same song in the same tone in my own native language (tongue interpretation). Then I prayed in tongues, then I prayed in my own language. This continued from 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM. It was a wonderful, joyful experience which I can not explain with words!

Not sure about something you read, why not ask God to reveal truth to you?