God provides for our travels

In our journey, we have seen the goodness of the Almighty.

When we were in Kenya on a mission trip that lasted a full year,for months, we prayed almost daily for our needs concerning returning to Canada. Each of our sons, had a prayer list which they prayed for everyday and these topics were on:-

1) House to live in when we arrived in Canada. We had put our belongings in storage. Our concern was where will we go from the airport. Being a family of five and one more on the way, it’s not easy to find people to host us and we did not want to put that burden on any one. But we also didn’t have money for rent as Pitana would need to arrive and find some work for income. A few weeks before leaving Busia(Kenya), a close friend let me know that she had talked to a lady from her church about possibility to rent her basement when we returned.She asked her how much it was in case we would be interested. Three weeks went by and that lady from her church came to her and told her that God had asked her to give us her basement suite for free for five months! This woman did not know us and we did not know her. She had been renovating her suite to rent out to some students, but our Father had other plans! So while in Busia(Kenya), we had a house to move in. Glory be to God!!!
We didn’t see how it would work to travel for days with little children and I being pregnant then arrive in surrey and have to go to storage to find mattresses or cups and plates. So we prayed for favor. A friend suggested that some friends move our things into the house before we return. So our pastor, Edwin, and a close friend (mom) organized for the removal of our belongings from storage to our new home. The women then unpacked and set up our kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and even made our beds!! When we entered that home on April 5th, 7:30 pm, we were in for a surprised. Everything was ready for us including dinner in the fridge and some groceries for the next few days!! Wow, we were overwhelmed with the goodness of our God.

2) Plane tickets.
So now, we had a house, but no money for plane tickets. We kept confessing and telling everyone including our children that we were going back to Canada at the end of March. Now if you read our last newsletter, you know that in march we had a bit of financial issue and found ourselves with less than $1. But still we confessed we were going to Canada. Two and half weeks before end of march, we had less than $1, but then God moved and money began to come in from all directions. A week before departure, we had some money but were still short. God came through once again. Five days before our departure tickets were purchased! We had all come to believe that we were going back home although we didn’t know how. We even made a song about it that we and our children would sing over and over again as we danced! Thank God that Jesus is the High priest of our confession!!! but this means we must be willing to confess no matter how crazy we look. Two Sundays prior to departure, we stood before the congregation ( 300 people) and said our good bye. The interesting thing is that at that time we had no tickets yet in fact we didn’t even have enough money for the tickets. But we told them we were going back home and that they would not see us in Busia much longer. Of course they asked us when we were leaving. Our answer, very soon this week or next!!!! They were sad to hear we were leaving, and we went home to tell God, He now needed to show up as we had already said good byes!!

3) a van.
We sold our car before leaving for Kenya. With the new pregnancy, we now would need a van to be able to fit 4 car seats. We didn’t want to get in dept. So we prayed. Taking a bus was really out of consideration for us with little ones and I being pregnant. Plus, with family of five it can be costly to take bus anyway. A week after arriving back in surrey, friends from Kamploops, let us know that they had a van for us. They had done all repairs necessary, put on all season tires, did oil change etc. The middle seat had been broken but they found a matching seat online in Kelowna so they drove there, bought it and had it installed! all this within a few days of our return. Then, they suggested that instead of us busing to Kamploops to pick up the van, that they themselves would bring it down for us! So she drove the van down to surrey, did air care for us for 2 yrs and then we headed off to the insurance company to transfer ownership to us and to insure the vehicle. By 2 pm that Saturday, April 14th, we were owners of a GMC Safari 1999, an 8 seater van! Knowing our finances were limited, God gave us the van with more half of the tank of gas!! What an amazing God we serve!

4) ministry:
We want to serve God even here in Canada. So, we prayed for God to prepare us and lead us in how to serve Him here. In our church, we have already gone to work with some responsibilities given to us. The vehicle God gave us is already transporting people to and from church or meetings. Pitana is leading Bible study today and in the next few weeks. We are part of the evangelism team and are praying for ways to spread the Gospel here. The children and I will be serving as greeters at church and whatever else God will lead us to do in His kingdom, we know He will enable us.
We have received a few invitation to share at different churches, meetings and are waiting for God’s timing to go ahead.

5) Work for Pitana to bring in income.
This one we are still praying for and waiting to see what God has already provided for us.
You can be in prayer for us for this.

Mutanas (2012)