A new place to live

Dear brothers and sisters,
We hope you are all well.
The last few weeks have brought much changes in our lives and we wanted to update all of you.
End of January, the Lord led us to give notice to move not having found a place yet. Moving was not in our plans as you all know that we are awaiting the birth of our 3rd child this March. We wrestled with the word, but in the end we knew this was what God was asking us to do. The strange thing is that he asked us to rest and not even look for a place. But half way in the month of February, our flesh got the best of us, and we began to look on cregslist, newspapers etc to no avail. It was a battle as for many urgued us that this could not have been God to ask us to move to a place we know not. But if we can ask Abraham (the father of Isaac), He might say it sounds just like the God I know.
We are human and it was not easy sometimes for us to trust His voice rather than look at the circumstances. But we are very gratefull to all of you and many who did not understand it all (just as we did not) but yet stood in prayer for us. Many of you came to help pack, looked around for available housings, and showed us the love of Christ. We are so thankfull!!!
We have never had a move, so smooth and easy as this was!
When God asked us to move, we naturally assumed, we must be getting a house or bigger place and had our own picture of what our new home would look like. so in searching for a place, we were looking for what we had in mind. On Saturday, February 27th, the night before we had to move out, we were coming from looking at places without success. It was then that God spoke to us asking us who had told us to rule out basement suites and who had said He was giving us what we were looking for. That night at about 8 pm we repented and asked God to let us know what we should look for. Once it was clear, we got home looked online for a place and noted some down to call in the morning as it was already late.
On Sunday February 28th the last day of the month, the day which we were supposed to move, we called at 8:30 Am to view places and at 11AM, God provided a place! What we found out was that this place is a year and half, and since last summer had not been rented out. It was only on Saturday 27th that they decided to post the rental. So when God was saying rest, it is because the place was not yet for rent.
So we had a place, got home and at about 2pm-3pm began to call people to help us move at 4pm. God is sooooooooooooooooo good. A friend with a hugeeeeeeeeeeee! truck said he would come. Other male friends left their tvs during the closing ceremony of the olympics, and came to help, a couple of sisters came to help pack last minute things and settle us in the new place. By 6pm some things were already in the house, kitchen being set up and 8pm we were done!
What overwhelming love we have received! only Christ could move hearts of many the way He did. So many wished they could have been there, others showed up in the days following and we are now completely settled in. Praise the Lord!
Our landlords wondered at what they saw.
In loving one another do we show the world that we are Christ’s disciples.
Thank you for your love and support!
We pray our testimony encourages you and that wherever you are and whatever is going on in your life, you do not lose heart.
Our God is faithfull and He loves and cares for His children.
Be Blessed,
It is a pleasure to serve with you in the kingdom that can not be shaken,
Mutana family