Ministry Updates

God continues to amaze us!

Pitana preached Saturday night and Sunday morning services. He taught on ‘the Holy Spirit.’ Watch it at .

On Saturday, a man gave his life to Christ. Pitana said ‘If God is dealing with you and you know you are not saved. Don’t wait until I call people to the front. Just come and sit in the front seats (there were many fronts seats left empty). So this man just walked up while Pitana was preaching and sat in front. Pitana prayed with him  and he received Jesus . Sixteen others came forward for prayer. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit, others set free from bondages and some received forgiveness as they came pouring their hurts to Go in repentance.

During the 2 services on Sunday, at least 23 people came forward for prayer. In a church where people usually start leaving before service closes, it was amazing to see many in line waiting some for an hour for prayer. God didn’t disappoint them. What presence of God we experienced. I (Nadia) was the first one in line for prayer and Pitana prayed for me before we turned around to pray for others. Wiping tears from my eyes having received the mercies of God, I turned to begin to pray for those in line. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit. Over half of them had backslid. One woman said, “I am coming back home,” after she explained how she had walked away from God. As we prayed, the power of God fell upon her and she could not stand. She sat down on the chair and wept as God received her back. Another man came saying that he is not the way he used to be. He no longer wants to lead worship etc. As he was going on the Lord said to me, “pray that I may fill him with my Holy Spirit.” I interrupted him and laying my hand on his forehead I prayed and wow, the Holy Spirit fell upon him, he began to weep much, then he started to speak in tongues. The presence of God was so strong I started to loose balance then bowed myself down as the Holy Spirit ministered to me and filled “my cup”. God was faithful to receive many of the prodigals back , give word of knowledge and direction for others and pour out His Spirit.

What a time! the power of God was so at work like we have never ministered with before.

The children joined us in ministering in song. They are growing in spirit and stature.

We concluded the day with a prayer meeting we attend in the evenings. We arrived late as we first took a nap.There we shared testimonies from our 2 weeks mission trip to California, and encouraged the brethen. We were asked to pray for 2 women there that were in pain. One lady was in pain with sciatica. We prayed and then asked her to do something she could not do before. She got up and began to walk and said that she could not walk before without pain. She walked for the rest of the meeting. In fact we left her still at the meeting place on her feet enjoying fellowship!

Another lady had pain in her heap and said that she felt better.

Pitana shared something with them that we had just learned too. He said “thanksgiving ” is very important in healings.

He said that we see how Jesus took little food and gave thanks and then how God multiplied the little food to much. He said likewise, we need to give God thanks for the little (partial) healing we receive for Him to multiply it to full healing. God finishes always what he starts. Another lady there testified that she had experienced what Pitana was sharing.

So go on and give God thanks for your whole healing. We do not walk by sight but by faith!

To God be the glory!

We appreciate your love and ongoing prayers. Thank you for standing in the gap for us!

God bless and reward you,

Pitana & Nadia Mutana