In our family devotions, we had been praying for a ride-on mower as we have a large space to mow. We looked up their prices and they were $1500. So we, prayed and the children prayed. Well, two days ago, a couple we met last week Sunday (not this previous Sunday but the one before) came over to our home bringing a ride on mower and a push one. They said we could use them for the summer and that if we have any problems with them to just call them! Praise God!! Isn’t He faithful!
The Sunday we met this couple, we were visiting a church we had not attended before. The Lord had laid it upon Pitana’s heart to go to this church. While eating breakfast before the service (this is what that church does), we sat across this couple. We began to talk. Before they left, they handed us a check just to bless us! Praise be to God. He is a wonderful provider!
When we first arrived here for this mission trip. We were praying for provision. Sure we had a house to live in, but we still needed food and other things. God gave us a certain figure (dollar amount) and said, He would always give us that amount each month. And month after month, He has not failed! He has restrained us from fundraising telling us that He is the one we work for, therefore, He will be faithful to take care of us.

We hope you are encouraged. God is still at work.
Be blessed,

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