Over the past year God has been leading me through a process of healing…healing deep wounds from my past, and healing me physically from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and IBS.
I’ve been annointed with oil and prayed over, and received Jesus true love! The love that truly casts out all fears! I was delivered from my fear of man! Praise God!

Next God asked me to do a 21 day fast and prayer. I had never done one before, but God assured me He would give me strength to still care for my family. It was a crazy thing to do as I already have FM and CFS, and I get very low blood sugar when I dont eat on time.
But, since God is amazing, and He created my body, He took over as I surrendered!
He gave me extra joy, extra strength, and worked in me His healing! I was amazed that “the joy of the Lord was my strength!” I was finally in a place where I could fully receive His blessings of real joy in trials!
On the 10th day of my fast, after feeling no ill effects for a few days (like low blood sugar, irritability, pain, headaches, migraines) I went to pray, and God told me I was healed! He had taken up all of my sickness and infirmities on the cross, and because of my faithfulness in fasting and prayer, He had heard my cries of suffering, and He poured out His grace and mercy! I was finally healed of my FM and CFS!!! Wow!!!
I must continue to be faithful in putting God first each day, and He promises to meet me and give me strength for each day.

Love, K. (from BC, Canada)

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  1. This is such an awesome testimony. Thank you for sharing it. God is leading me through a healing as well, healing of chronic pain and arthritis and I expect to be totally healed of all of this. You are an encouragement, thank you,

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