Healing at the hospital

Last Sunday we visited a church in California and heard a man share this testimony. Get encouraged.

He and his friends were out evangelizing. At 10:30 pm, they were tired and getting ready to go home when the Holy Spirit spoke to him about a certain sick woman at the hospital. The Holy Spirit gave him clear description and told him to go look for her at the hospital and pray for her. He tried to reason with God giving different reasons why that might not be a good idea. The Holy Spirit persisted and he surrendered. He was able to convince his friends to go with him. When they reached the hospital, they looked for someone that fit the description that was given him but there wasn’t anyone. They then went to the emergency and asked if ‘anyone’ there ‘was sick’!!!! Well, of course they were all sick! A few asked for prayer and his friends started to pray for them. He walked outside the doors looking for the woman who fit the description the Holy Spirit had given him. The ambulance was just pulling in and the medical personnel were helping out a woman who fit the exact description the Holy Spirit had told him! He approached her immediately. She was having so much pain in her abdomen. He proceeded to tell her that God had sent him there to pray for her. The nurses told him that he would have to wait until they got her in the room and then he could come in. He then joined them in the room. With everyone there, he laid his hands on her and the woman (a demon in her)began to manifest. He said that he realized that the demon had to go out of that woman soon or he and his friends would be the ones thrown out of the room. He commanded that demon to come out in Jesus’ name and it did. He then asked the woman about her pain and she said she no longer had pain! He went on to tell the woman that she needed to be saved or otherwise the demon would come back with stronger ones making her worse. The woman was so ready to get saved so he shared the gospel and led her to Christ. Then he prayed for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit and she was filled! 

Praise be to God!