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Recent Prayer Rally

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

It’s with great joy we write informing you the wonderful work God did here during the Prayer Rally on the weekend!

We thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for laboring with us!

Being new here, we trusted God to put the rally together. We prayed that He brings us those He wanted to work with us and He did. When it came to the worship team, God amazed us. He brought together men from different places. Men who didn’t know each other and who had never played together. They gathered to practice a couple of hours before the rally began! God granted unity and His Spirit led. The worship was amazing. We could have just stayed there. You just had to be there to know what I am saying.
I had an issue that had been weighing heavy on me for a couple of days, but as we worshiped I cried unto the Lord and He lifted the burden away. Praise God!
God even gave us a wonderful kitchen team that served dessert on Friday and lunch to many hungry people on Saturday!

I led in prayer and Pitana ministered on the Word. We had no program except to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would say, ‘Give the mic. to so and so to pray or I have given him something I want him to share and I would obey.’ God was so faithful to lead us.
People gathered from different religious background. Some baptist, Pentecostal, non denominational, assemblies of God etc. All under one roof. All hungry for God!!


Different pastors came and other ministry leaders. It was amazing!
One Pastor came forward, knelt down crying out to God to restore his first love and to heal him!
God filled some with the Holy Spirit. He healed the sick. One lady stood to testify: she had come with pain in her hip and feet but as Pitana was sharing the Word, pain left her.
God also delivered the oppressed. An older man shared his testimony at the prayer meeting on sunday evening about how God had set him free from bondages that he had from childhood. His wife who does not usually attend the prayer meeting had accompanied him having seen the work God had done in her husband at the rally!
An older lady told us that she was about to give up, what she was seeing in church was unbearable, but God had given her hope during the prayer rally. She was very joyful.
Many testified how much lighter they were. The joy of being in His presence was so evident as many lingered around to soak it all in until we needed to lock the doors.
A 7 year old boy came forward crying in repentance. He later testified that the chains that were around him were gone. He usually ate gluten free bread but that day he ate regular bread and had no problem. The next day as he was eating regular bread I exclaimed and he answered, ‘hey! my chains are gone!’

Our children helped minister in songs and God used it to touch His people in a way that Pitana and I couldn’t!

The testimonies are still coming in and we are all in awe of God. He is such a good God!
We give Him all the glory!

We love you and appreciate your prayers,

Pitana & Nadia

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  1. Praise the Lord! Keep up the good work. This blog will help us catching up with God’s work through you guys and us.

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